1. How much body weight can my Aussie Squatter hold?

The Aussie Squatter is designed to place your feet on – not your full body weight. Having said that, it can hold up to 100kg.

2. Is it safe for children to use the Aussie Squatter?

Yes, as soon as they are old enough to sit on traditional toilet. In fact children transition easily from using a small potty to the Aussie Squatter. The squatting position is very familiar and natural for children – not to mention great for their bowel health.  

3. How do I use it?

Step 1: Sit on the toilet.
Step 2: Place the Aussie Squatter in position in front of the toilet.
Step 3: Place your feet up on the Aussie Squatter.
Step 4: Adjust the position of the Aussie Squatter so that you are in a comfortable squat.