About us

Aussie Squatter is a small Australian company that makes Australian made, ethically produced squatting stools. Good health starts with a healthy gut and one of the keys to a healthy gut is a well working elimination system.
The brand was born when owner and founder David couldn’t find an Australian made stool that seemed to fit his requirements and in true Aussie style acted on the motto “when you can’t find it, you make it”. These stools are hand made, environmentally friendly and economically affordable.
By combining a healthy diet that takes care and maintains a balanced level of gut bacteria and a stool in both my bathrooms, I have restored my digestive health and enjoy the return to a wholesome and unrestrained lifestyle again.
Our address is:
24 Laurie Road
Manly Vale NSW 2093 Australia
Email address:
Why you would choose the Aussie Squatter ...
Transforms your toilet into a healthier
comfortable squatting toilet.
Easy-to-use and highly effective
in positioning the colon for
effortless bowel movements.
Sturdy, ergonomic design.
Stores under your toilet when not in use.
Doesn’t take up extra space.
Can be dismantled for easy transporting.
Made to last.
Comes in 2 finishes – natural and lacquered.
Australian from eco-friendly,
FSC accredited plywood