The Natural Way - The only way to go

The quest for ultimate wellness is a major focus of the health conscious consumer. Posture improving yoga sessions, gut healing foods and wholesome nutrition might make us feel great, but it turns out we are missing a trick in our daily routine that could hamper all our efforts to achieve optimum health and wellbeing. And it’s a topic no one likes to talk about.

While most wellness lovers passionately discuss diets and the latest food trends most people feel rather uncomfortable when it comes to discussing the end product of our nutrition efforts. Yet digestive troubles are on the rise and affect everything else going on in our body. From feeling bloated and constipated, to suffering from IBS or haemorrhoids, gastrointestinal problems can make us feel truly miserable.
Without a doubt, diet, lifestyle and genetics play an important part, but some of our serious discomforts and even diseases are brought on by the way we use the humble toilet.

It turns out we’ve been ‘going wrong’ ever since the invention of the porcelain throne. The western toilet is not designed to put us in the correct posture to eliminate properly. We are supposed to raise our knees to allow our pelvic floor muscles to relax. Sitting down creates a kink in the colon passage (think kinked garden hose and you’ll get the idea) making it harder to pass the stool at the end of the movement. You basically have to strain to finish and don’t ever really empty your bowels satisfactory, leaving you with waste and toxins in the colon that can make you feel sluggish, bloated and lead to serious issues further down the track. Long term straining can lead to weak pelvic floor muscles as well as constipation, leakage, incontinence, haemorrhoids and many other related digestive issues.

Before the introduction of chairs we all used to squat to relax, to eat, to chat.  Squatting is a natural position for giving birth.  And of course, before the invention of the toilet, squatting was the only position available. While a large percentage of the population in other parts of the world still squat to toilet we in the western world regard squatting as uncivilized. Statistics compiled by the World Health Organisation show that people in countries who squat have less colon cancer and other related digestive issues than those in western developed nations.

The good news is you don’t have to get rid of your toilet! All it takes is a custom-designed footstool and a change in habit to offer a practical solution to modern day squatting. Aussie Squater stool wraps around the bottom of your toilet and elevates your legs to create a proper bathroom posture. Sitting on the loo with your knees up higher than your hips straightens out the bend in the rectum and leads to a nice, straight intestinal tract, allowing for a direct and easy exit. When you do your business in the squatting position straining and pressure on the rectum is greatly reduced allowing for complete emptying of the bowel. A full and natural elimination of waste and toxins is essential for maintaining optimum health.

Even people who never seem to experience digestive issues will benefit by making this small adjustment and assume a natural squatting position – it just makes sense to go the way nature intended and avoid long-term issues in later life.