Unblock the kink for a more effective and smooth elimination on the toilet

We don't really like to talk about toilet time, the poo, the poop, potty or s**t time. Yet getting it right underpins our health and wellbeing. Read on to find out why squatting stools can make such a difference ...

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"I had replacement hip surgery and was on Endone, the painkiller medication, for some time afterwards. The side effect  was chronic constipation. I found that by using the Aussie Squatter I was able to overcome this without needing laxatives. For easier pooing I would recommend a natural timber squat potty not a  cheap plastic squatty potty for anyone who wants a solution for constipation."

Anthony Stevens

"With the recent discovery of the stomachs' bacteria balance helping physical and mental problems I decided I needed a stool to help with my blockage issue. The squatting stool has been a handy accessory beside my toilets"

Hannah Deterding

"I found when potty training my 2 year old boy that he didn't like his feet off the bathroom floor. He was afraid he might fall when he sat on the toilet. The Aussie Squatter solved this and was a great potty training aid. I highly recommend parents use it for their children and get them on a big toilet where the plumbing is set up to do the job so to speak".

Teresa Penhurst


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